We are partnered with Solon in Europe and Altman Vilandrie & Company in the Americas – our global network comprises 200 TMT specialists with experience in over 50 markets

Solon is Venture Consulting's European partner, specialising in the TMT industries. We combine strategic, commercial and technical expertise, as well as a capital markets perspective, to deliver trusted advice to C-level executives throughout Europe and beyond. We have a strong track record, with over 500 client engagements in more than 30 countries, across four continents.

We have offices in Munich, London, Warsaw, Milan and Paris, and a team of over 60 experienced TMT professionals.

Altman Vilandrie & Company is Venture Consulting's North American partner. Founded in 2002, we have a deep interest in TMT industries and a passion for solving challenging, complex problems for clients. We pride ourselves on giving honest, independent advice, and acting as a trusted advisor to its clients.

Our primary service areas include capital markets, go-to-market, strategy and operations. Our clients are operating companies including service providers, equipment manufacturers, content creators/aggregators, and private equity investors.

We stay at the forefront of quantitative analytical techniques and delivers value to clients through teams that ramp up quickly, due to their specialised industry focus. Our breadth of experience drives creative solutions to complex problems, while our rigorous analysis gives clients absolute confidence in our recommendations.