FTA earnings update – could digital save the TV star?

Seven West Media and Nine Entertainment reported their FY19 earnings last week.

Both broadcasters have been investing in ramping up their BVOD platforms along with offering advertisers addressable TV and programmatic advertising solutions while the outlook for their core FTA business remains challenging.

Australian TV advertising revenues by sub-segment (A$bn)

For more than fifty years, traditional broadcasters have played an important role in aggregating television content from multiple content owners and creators. However, over the last decade, a proliferation of OTT video services has driven a significant transformation in TV viewing habits. Viewers today, have unprecedented choice when it comes to content and how to watch the content. The result is a fragmentation of the industry, with a move away from a single, homogeneous bundle of channels to a much more diverse set of content choices. With a challenging environment for the core FTA business, traditional broadcasters must focus on improving audience share, driving new audience growth through digital platforms, improve yields and invest in adjacencies. In this report we analyse the FY19 earnings announcements from Seven West Media and Nine Entertainment and highlight the key trends across both businesses.

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