Network Slicing – business transformation opportunities from media to emergency services to MVNOs

Network slicing is a key feature of 5G networks, allowing MNOs to allocate independent virtual networks to customers with specific capabilities and quality of service guarantees.

In addition to improved performance, network slicing will create new business models that will bring new revenue streams for MNOs.

There are a range of opportunities across media, gaming, emergency services, IoT, transport and MVNO market segments.

Illustration of network slicing

Today’s industries are becoming more heavily reliant on communications and network services, especially mobile networks which in some cases have superseded fixed networks for coverage, access convenience and even performance. The Australian and New Zealand mobile markets sit at A$22.3bn and NZ$2.9bn respectively, with between 3% and 5% typical yearly growth rates. As telcos look towards more sources of growth, the arrival of 5G mobile networks has promised the delivery of enhanced performance across all areas of network capability, ranging from capacity to latency and energy efficiency.

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