New Zealand consumer interest growing for 5G mobile

Venture Insights’ latest New Zealand consumer mobile survey demonstrates growing 5G interest with video streaming and fixed wireless broadband shaping up to be key use cases.

Leadership in 5G network rollout is likely to provide strong benefits from the acquisition of early adopters from competing networks.

NZ Survey – Consumer Willingness to Move to 5G

In October 2018, Venture Insights conducted a market survey in order to better understand consumer interest in the evolving New Zealand mobile market and the early adoption of 5G services and platforms. This report focusses on four key aspects of the survey:

  • Consumer 5G awareness and competition for the early adopter market.

  • Consumer usage of mobile video and streaming services.

  • 5G use case for mobile and telco media bundling.

  • 5G use case for fixed wireless broadband.

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