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I founded Venture Consulting in February 2009. After graduating from Oxford, I had worked for Booz & Co in London and then for Spectrum Strategy Consultants, a global boutique focused on the Telco and Media sectors, opening their Singapore and then Sydney office.

However, I wanted to create a different kind of consultancy – one that would be flexible and take risks. I also wanted for the firm to have a human face – to focus on its clients and its staff as individuals. After ten years, I think we are getting closer to that goal.

As tech sector specialists, we believe that technology is a force for good and we spend a lot of time thinking about how it will change our world. Our goal is to enable technology driven growth for our clients, whether they be ASX giants or start-ups. We focus on outcomes and pride ourselves on solving our clients’ toughest problems. We don’t just advise, we also invest and build, putting our time and money at risk to help earlier stage businesses. We are flexible and responsive. We pay it forward. We are human. We value our team and our clients as people, not assets or numbers. Your success is our success.


This approach is reflected in our values.

We are passionate about technology

  • We believe that technology is changing the world for the better and we bring this optimism and passion to our work every day.

Venture Family

  • We are 100% invested in each other’s success.
  • We have fun together at work and outside of the office.

We own it

  • We own the problem and we each own our contribution to solving it.
  • We focus our work on outcomes. We want to make a difference.

We tell it how it is

  • We are honest with our clients, each other and ourselves.

It was refreshing to work with a consulting firm who really got under the hood of our business, and identified specific, actionable recommendations that our team could then execute. Venture Consulting helped our team run faster and I would recommend them to other firms looking to make material improvements in their performance.
— Vodafone Hutchison Australia