Digital diagnostic

Venture was engaged by a large Australian retailer to assess the current performance across its omni-channel business and address ways to improve its online performance and profitability.


Commercial due diligence

Venture was engaged by a private equity client to conduct pre-indicative bid analysis on an Australian data centre operator. We were subsequently engaged to conduct full buy-side commercial due diligence on the target company.

Digital Sales.jpg

digital sales strategy

Venture was engaged by an Australian Telco player to lift digital sales, and understand how to take advantage of changes in consumer behaviour towards cross channel purchasing. Specifically we needed to identify the long term strategy required to make a greater stepped change in digital performance and lay the groundwork for omni-channel transformation.

Sports Right.jpg

Sports Rights Valuation

Venture was engaged by a large Australian telco to determine what their strategy should be in an upcoming sports rights auction process. Valuation of the rights assisted the telco in being secure in the knowledge that they were not under- or over-pricing the deal.



For an Australasian publisher, Venture Consulting was engaged to assist in designing a new Women's Network of sites. We set out to answer how the published should:

  • Leverage the content and assets of all relevant titles to drive audience

  • Generate multiple revenue streams online and across other digital channels

  • Determine what are the go-to-market strategies for the network